Get around, the smart way.

Offering a safe and enjoyable ride, Smart Kab ensures our riders an enjoyable experience. Hop in, immerse yourself and experience the city like never before!

Connect with the environment and community.

Corporate social responsibility can be a tricky but rewarding equation. Let Smart Kab be the solution while you're brand is proudly displayed on the road.

Smart Kab's Engine.

Our drivers are always eager to create a positive atmosphere and provide key messaging. Experiencing a memorable, fun and relaxing ride is Smart Kab's goal!

100 highway kilometers, 0 Liters.

In cooperation with city by-laws, Smart Kab showcases the importance of alternative forms of fuel-free transportation. We want you to experience new technologies and a business model that will be delivered to the consumer.

Venues & Festivals

Bring a green/eco-friendly vibe into your festival with Smart Kab acting as your mobile brand ambassador covering the whole event. Whether it's the promotional days leading up to the big event or during, provide the targeted community with rides from our friendly and knowledgeable Smart Kab team. Showing off your event and main sponsors on the Smart Kabs are sure to be an annual fan favorite and an experiential marketing success.

Corporate Events/Shuttle Services

Want to add some energy to your event and have some fun? With our corporate events and shuttle packages, we focus on giving your attendees a great time full of laughs while displaying control and professionalism. To top off the highlighted trip that everyone will look forward to, Smart Kab will proudly display your event and its main sponsors for all to see. This program will develop positive relationships whilst connecting to the outside media resulting in a positive green message.

Downtown High-Traffic Impact

Opening a new business, launching or starting a new product? Let us give your brand a high impact introduction to the city by covering strategic high traffic areas and times. With the option to work with our Smart Kab team, we will create an effective program with key messaging. We guarantee to increase the brand awareness and sales provided with a positive 'eco-friendly' twist.